(Another)Thank You Letter for L

I have been given a not-so-good stuff inside my body, it stressed me out at that time, but you stood there and said ‘we need to fix it together’. Instead of pointing it to me, you help me handle it together. It’s so heart-warming. ‘Everything’s going to be ok’ you said. And suddenly I feel stronger and have more confident in facing it.

Ah, L. I was scared a lot at that time. I was afraid that I’ll be gone soon, (like) forever. And you calmed me down by saying ‘I was scared a lot like you sometimes in the past. It’s okay to be scared. It’s normal’. You know exactly that I want someone to hear my fear out.

Words won’t be enough for me to mention every kindness you gave me, I just realized that even nature works in our favor. It helps me find out that you are a must-fighting-for, that you are the one I must not give up ever. I always hope that we will always be together forever and you keep answering it by saying that you can’t predict the future and that we must pray to God and ask Him what best for us.

Thank you L for being such a gentleman who always stood there and strengthen me by not saying a word, by not giving me any sweet promises. Once I thanking you, you always say that you did nothing, but for me it’s the kind of nothing that meant everything. You always say you’re just an ordinary man but to me you always look extraordinary. I don’t know whether it’s only me in my period of falling in love but I thought I fall in love with a superman which I hope won’t ever bring me down.

I’m sorry for not able to be your superwoman yet, I’m trying my best to be your best match. I know now that my dream is anything with you in it, otherwise it won’t be fun. Thank you L for just being the true you. And thank you God for sending me this exact piece that match my puzzle perfectly, I hope YOU’ll bring us more than just two humans that falling in love.

Jakarta, 150113, 00.27


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