Girl’s Best Look

Some friends told me that girls look best with their long hair, some other told me that they look best with their long legs and super sexy heels, until I heard someone told me that girls look best when they feel comfortable and confident with themselves. Ah, that’s kinda relieving for me since I don’t really know how to do make up and everything. Lol.

So, talking about girl’s best look in that guy of mine definition means that girl will look best with no strict qualification on how they have to perform. They could wear flat shoes with a messy hair and sporty outfit; they could also wear hijab with a maxi dress or even using burqa; or they could be using super high heels with a complicated dress and hairdo. Anything they wear will look fine as long as they feel comfortable with it. A girl with a super high heel might not look good if they don’t feel comfortable with it, but they could also look stunning once they love wearing it. It’s not just to appear confidently but also to looks comfortable with it. It occurs also for an over-size girl. Many over-size girl look pretty no matter how ‘big’ they are and that’s because they find it comfort and confident with what they really are. They accept their size and they find best dress for them without trying too hard to look slimmer (regardless they effort to lose weight).

Just be confident and be more comfortable with who you really are, with what you wear. And above all, be happy, because the best looking girl is still the happiest one, for sure…

Jakarta, 171213, 11.10


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