Friendly Demeanor

I have a really nice boss, (I mean) seriously nice… And I thank God for letting me assist a nice boss like him. And today, one of his counterparts came and visits him. Most of high level persons like to be well-treated and like to show how important they are, but not with this interesting person, a really nice one. I can feel how nice he is from the very start I welcome him. He, first, open up some topic on our way to meet my boss and he let us both have a mutual conversation besides he speaks Bahasa really fluently.

Well, he is not the high-light, but he brought me to the basic value that every person should better have, a friendly demeanor; to be a warm-hearted person. We got nothing to lose by being some nice warm-hearted person, so why don’t we try to be so? And so, I got more motivated to be a nicer person in the future. Thanks to my boss, thanks to his new nice friend who just came today.


Sometime, short writing is enough to deliver whatever lesson I want my reader to learn.

Good afternoon, and keep your nice attitude!!

Jakarta, 120912, 16.04


5 thoughts on “Friendly Demeanor

  1. “kata” seperti pedang. Tidak musti panjangnya sebuah tulisan , yang penting pesan dan pengungkapan, begitu juga pedang yang penting tajam dan jangan terlalu panjang, kalau pun pendek dan lebih kecil, itu disebut pisau, dan pisau pun harus tajam…. hehehe

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