Back to routine

You want to have a colorful life? Experience it as it’s given. What life offers you today, take and try every bit of it.

May be, that way of thinking made me keep trying to search new challenge to escape the boredom. I realize that almost my whole life was unpredictable. Well, that’s what the future really is, right? But despite the unpredictable future, I, myself, let it ruin my routine. And I found I’m enjoying it a lot, although sometime I feel like needing some routines to stabilize my life cycle.

If I may say, I feel attached with the unpredictable future, but I still have several things that effortlessly bring me back enjoying doing routine. Let’s name my homey room that I choose to live in. No matter what people say, it’s like my own world that I create to make me feel comfortable. No matter how messy it is, I called it art, no matter how less facilitated it is, I called it a lesson to love whatever I do have.

Another thing that I enjoy a lot is roaming the world. The beauty offers keep me captivated. I keep earning a lot of lesson whenever I visit places. I always try to prove that every thing (even smaller than dust) teach us something if only we’re sensitive enough to get the sign. Thing that I keep believe in. There’s always a lesson around, so walk, and get closer to it.

And the last one is writing. Writing really got into me; I just can’t help myself to keep trapped into it. I enjoy reading a book, but there’s always a time when I feel bored and leave that hobby whenever I want. Not with writing. I keep asking myself why I haven’t written anything yet. For me, writing means I learn at least one thing today. So I insist myself to keep learning from whatever happened and transform it into a writing. So that the lesson I learned will last longer and will be learned by other as well. Writing makes me feel happy by assuming myself have (at least) tried to be useful to others. Writing helps me recollecting every moment that passed sometimes in my past. Writing is a way to be wiser, and closer to God.

Well, I’m not fully understand what I am trying to say this time, maybe I just want to share my routine that I usually do whenever I feel bored with the unpredictable activities. May be I just want to share that in every part of life, we need some balances. May be I was trying to say that it’s not always ‘break the routinity’, routine itself could be your best option to break the unpredictable activities, routinity could be your best way to sit for awhile and find your spirit on continuing the unpredictable life.

So, here I am, after 3 weeks away from writing, I’m back mumbling whatever things I want to share, hoping that may be one of those words could be a lesson for you. Back to routine!!

Jakarta, 230812, 11.52


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