A rainbow around every corner

Yeap, There is a rainbow around every corner, that’s what Sid said on Ice Age 4. But, in order to have a rainbow, you gotta have (at least) a little rain.

Some people may think that rain is a bad news, it becomes an obstacle before meeting the beautiful rainbow, and some think the other way around. And the best one is thinking that everything has to be exactly like what it (already) is so that we may get to what best offered by life. It’s only rain, it can be a disaster to your little achievement, but it can also be a garnish to a food to makes it look more tempting and delicious. It depends on your assumption, your way to look at ‘things’. No matter how you look at it, one thing for sure that we all gonna survive every drop of the rain, because there’s no shoulder smaller than the responsibility they have to carry around. So, why should we complain, start to think positive.

Well, I know that it’s not easy to start thinking positively, but it’s also not hard if you eager to start trying. Dealing, not quitting!! Prove that you can, or otherwise get to know what you can’t. Bottom line is to keep trying to experience the best lesson yourself. It’s not about to be the first or second winner, but to finish the game, to keep running (no matter how slow) till the end. Keep waiting for the rainbow after experiencing the rain.

Keep in mind that whatsoever happens is what best from God; happiness and sorrow is just the same because everything is what best already. Everything will keep changing, and there will be a rainbow around every corner (surely), but there must be a little rain first.

Ah, I know I wrote a bunch of this very lesson with different phrase, quotes, and words in combination, but I (myself) keep trying to refresh this lesson so that I won’t forget when I face this kind of crisis again. Be well, everyone!!

Jakarta, 240712, 12.33

A rainbow around every corner

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