You’re Gonna Make It

Have you ever felt frustrated on something that you’ve been holding these long times??

Have you ever felt like you’re gonna give up on being a believer and be more realistic??

Have you ever felt that you’ve done failing, no more waking up??

Have you ever felt that you’re gonna let people win and acknowledge yourself as a loser??

Were there a time you thought that you better stop cause all the waiting was a total waste

That all the patient was a total crap

That all the time you work your ass off just a total bullshit

And finally, you feel like you have every reason to cheapen your hardwork and be upset of every effort that gave you nothing…


Come here…

Let me whisper something…

Anyone may fail,

Whosoever may give up

But not you!!

Cause I know a secret about you

“You’re gonna make it…”

“You’re not doing the whole crap for nothing…”

“You’ll surely earn a treasure from every tear you’ve shed…”

“You… are just gonna make it after all!!”


Jakarta, 180712, 11.47


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