Go Get Happy!!


“I’m not happy”

“Then go get happy!!”

-The Pursuit of Happiness-

Hahaha… it’s simple, if you’re not happy, then go get it!! I was inspired again and again by “The Pursuit of Happiness”. There were some big part of Chris Gardner’s life (Will Smith) called running, internship, etc but happiness comes in a small part when all his effort getting paid, all his tiring running and internship paid by “wear your suit again tomorrow” which followed with tears. That’s happiness. Well, that’s not all, but it’s defines happiness , while all your hardship worth a second inhale, while your constant disappointment meet an end after your long journey of holding on to your faith, while you finally prove that there’s no eternal failure.

If I may say, defining happiness is one of our tasks in this life. We use to named it satisfaction, or dream, or love, but bottom line, we’re trying to find happiness by anyway we can. We set some goals and create our future us, and end up become any other, and we got disappointed. It’s just a matter of pursuing happiness by satisfying ourselves in reaching what we’ve been setting. Why should we make happiness as a hard thing to get while we are actually able to make it simpler by just being grateful of whatever happened in life? Achievement, soulmate, position, and financial status are just an award after getting in to the happiness. Those awards are some fun things at first, but not that fun for next unless you make your success indicator higher. And those will take you to an endless journey pursuing nothing. At the end, you will realize that you just missed the happiness that should be coming along the way.

We used to think we’re somebody, but unfortunately we’re still nobody for anybody. The good thing is when you realize it but the unfortunate thing is when you just drowned on to your self-satisfaction and unaware of it. The one that realize he is nobody used to be somebody that finally hit the ground and awakened. And for you who never hit the ground yet, it doesn’t mean that you’re not gonna fall, you’re still falling by your unawareness. So before it’s too late, be aware that happiness should be easy to get by holding on your precious person, moment, and things that need to be protected.

Let’s go get happy, every single time!!

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