Expectation does hurts

Lara have been in like with someone for ages. he always be her muse that motivated her until one gloomy day come. The day that should be her best day ever. She let Dewa come to her life for a long time and suddenly let him go in a blink of eye.

One day (that will never be forgotten), Dewa, her only man in every dream she creates, appears (as cool as she ever imagine) and confess. Sentences that will never ever fade a bit in her coming memories. The man of her dream come and be a real prince until he say that he love her back for quiet some times. It’s not as long as her feeling towards him, but it’s never been in her wishlist to obtain. He just as perfect as she ever imagine, until the statement he conveys end in a hard way she never expected. ‘So, shall we be in a real relationship? Would you be my girlfriend?’

Like a million thunder came in a sunny day, it’s surprising and heartaching.. Why should he asked me just to be her girlfriend, when I expect more than that. No, he’s not as serious as I am holding these feeling for years. He’s not getting the point that the real relationship is only when we’re both in a marriage life.

‘I will let you go no matter how I want you to come and confess that you love me back somehow. I will let you go and let you disappear. Coz I want you in a more serious way than just become boy and girlfriend that can be broken easily. I want you more than just you want love, I want you as part of my future that will never vanish. I want you in every story I’ll make, I want you longer than this heart tapping.’


So, that’s how it ends. The dream that somehow stuck in the middle of unexpected consciousness. We don’t know what will come next, Dewa could be away forever or otherwise he’ll finally meet what she want him to realize.

Expectation does hurts.

And destiny always has a way of getting what it wants. It doesn’t matter how much you plan on not letting it happen(#ihatequote). Expectation does hurts, and the price we have to pay to meet our expectation (most of the times) higher than we’ve prepared. But make it worth the wait.
Do not expect anything unless you’re sure that you’re able reach the utmost pain to deserve it. There’s always the consequences to be considered in expecting things. And you better have a secret plan if only your way aiming the goal is having a dead end.

It hurts, but you’ll live and we’ll survive another battle. We’re asked to try and expect although we can’t foresee how it will ends. Especially for (that so called) love. Time will heal, that’s true. We expect, we disappointed, and we survive. Stop setting another expectation is not an option, it might probably not have a good end but it’s what makes a life worth living. Endless expectation.

Expectation does hurts, but don’t stop to expect endlessly. Our job just to try another trial, the result has been taking care before we decide to be trapped in expectation. We lived, we learned, we grew and we moved on…

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