Don’t Let Yourself Down

successful man

Sick is when you like sweat more than your sweater.

Yeah, I’m still sick while my trip to ASEAN countries is 4 days ahead,*sigh*. I will try my best to share anything before my trip since I will not be able to write while travelling here and there.

Hey, have you ever felt underestimated? Or you are the one who underestimate other? I bet each one of you ever feel underestimated by friend, superior people, or even your parent. Most of the case is related to your dream or capability in doing something. Well, the fact is the people who underestimating you actually have less braveness than you, who decide to chase your dream and expand your ability. I remember I was once underestimated by the people I work with since I was a new comer, but somehow it becomes energy for me to show that I’m reliable enough to be responsible in this matter.

Face it manly, get some nerves!! Don’t just feel down and then vanished, wake up and build a hill from every brick they’ve thrown. You have no right to make your life miserable, just because you’re sad! Haters don’t really hate you; they hate themselves because you’re a reflection of what they wish to be. They make you feel down because they’ve failed to go up themselves. I’m not teaching you to take revenge out of the situation; I want you to learn about maturity from all the negatives influences you’ve accepted. You never know, and they also have no idea that may be someday you’ll need them or otherwise they’ll beg you as their only help.

We may compare ourselves with other people but it doesn’t make us become superior or inferior by underestimating each other opponent. In life, there’s always people who would like to bring you down, but that’s not your problem, there’s two reason they did that : 1. Because you’re enjoying your life, or 2. Because they aren’t enjoying theirs.

Being nice to those who are nice to you is ordinary. Being nice to those who are not even nice to you is maturity. -@AmandaAdriani #ihatequotes

Jakarta, 170412, 09.29


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