Golden Age

live your life

Have you ever felt like you’re about to lose your golden age?

For these past 2 years until now, I always feel like it. My fear (on wasting my golden age) haunts me ever after and makes me start making many plans to utilize these coming years.

Endless questions often pop out such as “Have I done my best compare with other youngster on my age?” “Am I in the right position becoming a worker rather than continue my study?” “Is this what I’ve been looking for?” “Won’t I regret this decision to stay here?” “Am I living my passion?” “Is this what best for me or for my parents?” and so on and so on…

It’s reasonable for me since I was almost 2 years left behind to be graduated from university. Of course I gained different value that not every fresh graduate student has but still I have to admit that I wasted my time quite a lot. Later on, “If only” statement appears most of the time. “If only I graduate faster, I might have more time on trying to be a worker and then continue my study”, “If only I graduate faster, I might have some times to find what’s really my passion”, “If only I graduate faster, I might have time to get permission from my parents to go to Germany”, “If only I graduate faster, I might have find another job before this great job I have so that I will feel like I’m in the right position since I have a lot to compare”, “If only..”, If only..”, If only..”,,,

I realized that it’s no use since it will only bring me to a bad end and trap me in the past and leave my future unplanned. I almost mid-twenties and my golden age will soon come to an end, which will happened in a very immediate time, I should not keep thinking all day long that my past will change by fulfill it with “If only” statement. I should not regret all my achievement that cost me more time than other’s. I work my butt off to get to where I am right now, and I have to feel blessed with that, right??! Speaking of, every one has their own thing they wish they could have changed in the past, so why worry too much? It will only make my future blurr. Well, the future is still uncertain; No need to convince myself whether I’m in the right path or not, let it be, let it come, and enjoy every journey. I only have to do my best, and wait till life offer me what best and what I need to survive for. When the time comes, I’ll find my faith on doing the thing that offered.

It’s just a contemplation which probably been terrorizing you as well.Open your ears and your eyes and also be sensitive to catch the sign that sometimes you have to leave your comfort zone for something worth fighting for.

“Expect the best, Plan for the worst and Prepared to be surprised”

-denis waitley-

It’s our golden age, let’s make it really shine like a gold.. 😀

Jakarta, 130412, 09.25


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