Ramble on

Hey, have you ever wonder whether you’ve situated in the right position where you want to be?

I always wonder, but I will always get back to my sanity and gathered my mind back to what satisfaction really means. We may have dream, but we can’t be too selfish and ask God to make us able to accomplish every single dream we want, God still the one that know what best for us. Cause no matter how hard we tell ourselves that we’ll satisfied after we accomplish ‘this’ dream, there will be another level of satisfaction that will keep you asking more and more endlessly.

If writing is my way to ease my burden, endure my pain, capture the lesson, and share some emotions to reader, and travelling would be my way to escape the boredom, take care the unfinished feeling, and breaking the routinity. Emphasizing “the unfinished feeling”, I think it will be better when later I have someone beside me. May be, the option that oftenly come to roam the world will be less tempting, or otherwise it will be more interesting since I have special guest to share some story with.

Roaming the world always and always become a temptation for me. No matter how broken my heart or how painful my head dealing with all the things that need to be finished, travel offering will never be a second option when the time meet the possibility to execute it. Travelling is a great way to get to know various of people, ethnic, culture, habit, especially learning the things that often become a gap in diversity. The gap will somehow be understood when we able to trace the history that make these people more open or more close, more emotional or more thoughtful, more concern or indifferent, hospitality, individuality, routinity, and so on.

So, I used to think that being alone make the plan to go around the world easier, but don’t hesitate to join me, especially ‘you’, who’ll be my future… 😛 Till later I met you, I hope you’ll hold me, so I won’t think on going somewhere else around the world or come with me and let’s roam the world together…

Jakarta, 110412, 1032


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