I won’t Encourage You!

be you


Has the title tickled you? It’s related to part of the scene from movie serial “Pan Am” which I’ll tell you just about now.

“Pan Am” is a movie about Pan America airways that successfully became a pioneer to fly across the nations during the World War II, in early 1960’s. I won’t tell you the story in detail, just a bit part of the scene where situated Maggie Ryan (one of the stewardess) in her moment of having a flashback to her old life. Maggie used to work as a waitress back there. She was helping her mother in their family business. One day, one of their customers, which is a good friend of her mother, come by and leave with some pennies as the tips. Looking at that pennies, Maggie got a bit upset by saying “Really?! 3 cents?! After all the service I’ve given?”.

“What?! Would you like me to give you more bucks? Won’t that means I encourage you as a waitress? Is that what you think? Really? Cause, if so, I won’t give you any. I don’t want to encourage you, cause you can be better than just being a waitress. 15 years ago, I was driving a truck and your mother was pouring some Joe. And you know what’s funny with that?? Cause 15 years later, I’m still driving a truck and your mother still pouring some Joe. Do you wanna be like that?”

Maggie somehow lost her words and suddenly decides to go with him to chase a better destiny. And finally, she changed it, now she is serving some Joe but up in the air.

I hope this short story can inspire each of us. Well, everyone makes mistake but don’t make a stupid mistake by living someone else’s life.

Tscuuss.. Schoeneswochenende everyone..

Jakarta, 050412, 16:44


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