You’re strong!!

You're strong

No need to share the sad story but well, it is pretty hard lately… So, was that makes me give up on making a better life and fulfilled it with happiness?? Nope, I shouldn’t, for my own good, since problem will come and go no matter how hard you avoid it. So, here I am, trying to stay as positive as I can, trying to filter the good value among the entire negative that offered.

Last Friday night, I watched Indonesian Idol. I used to watch that just for fun, but this Friday I got more than fun. Here is the story… There was one participant, named Yola, she was crying so much since she got choosen to go to the next round. The reason she cried was because she remember how hard her life has been since the day her father got in Jail. Everyone around her slowly but sure being some pain in the ass, and gradually she loses her friends. Her old life used to give her nothing but the happiness and easiness, and now she even has to skip her school for 1 year just to survive living her life. She’s crying so much remembering that finally she can make her parent proud of her and she hopes that she can eventually lift her family pride.

After she finished the story, Agnes Monica (one of the judges) told her that “You have to be grateful for that problem, if it didn’t happen; you may not be here right now and achieved all these things.”, what an inspiring sentences. Yes, everything happened for a reason, every single thing!! God has planned everything in detail; even the fall of the leaves is planned. Not to mention that big situation given to Yola. And I realized that what occurred to me right now is also God’s best plan for me, no need to worry, just do the best, be the best and somehow I’ll gain what best for me.

Back to Indonesian Idol, after Yola, there was a guy that has participated on this competition every year ever since it’s existed. This year is his 7th times and he does improve a lot until he got this far. But unlike Yola, Indonesian Idol seems not to be his destiny to get well-known. At the time judges told him that he can’t go to the next round, he’s crying out loud and begging the judges to change their decision since he has put all his effort these long times. He told them that he just wanted to show his parent that finally he can make them proud by being an Indonesian Idol. He hoped that his effort for not giving up trying until his seventh times may change their decision. Out of the expectation, Agnes Monica suddenly got heated up and a bit angry to him. “You know, to be a great and successful person, you not only need to have some spirit not to giving up and of course some quality required, but you also need a strong mentality. A mentality to face and endure every failure comes ahead you. If you being such a looser like this, you won’t get anywhere!!”, such a firm statement just to encourage him to face the reality that somehow our effort not always give us a good result, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t extract the good value inside.

God only make happy ending, if it’s not happy then it’s not the end…

For Yola, it could be the right end but still need sometimes to reach the happy ending; and for the other guy, it’s not the end, may be because he has to change the way and find another happy ending end. Inch by inch but surely it’s a cinch. It’s not about what’s waiting on the finish line; it’s the climb, as Miley Cyrus told us in her song “The Climb” (FYI, my favorite song).

Life is a tough journey, but we’ve lived these long, right? So, what we have to do is just to survive another fight, like we used to… And, by the way, we’re strong, you’re strong!!

Jakarta, 020412, 12:16


3 thoughts on “You’re strong!!

  1. mengutip perkataan sahabat Ali bin Abi Thalib “beramallah sebanyak mungkin selagi kau hidup di dunia, sebab ketika kau sudah di negeri akherat, di sana bukan lagi tempat untuk beramal”

    seburuk apapun perbuatan kita di dunia, sepanjang masih bernafas (ketika baca comment ini) itu pertanda ada kesempatan untuk memperbaikinya. maka bersegeralah memperbaikinya untuk dinikmati di negeri akherat nanti….

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