I aint gonna give up smile

Heeeeyyy… miss you all… How have you been??

Yeah, it’s my bad for not around more than a week. I actually have a lot on mind to write but it keeps end up as a keyword on my cellphone. So, now I’ll try to share one simple story and hope it will inspire y’all.

Have you watch 49 days? It’s a really worth watching Korean drama. Despite the unrealistic scenario by making up ‘the scheduler’ as the death angel, which is not scary at all, this drama offer us a life value of sincerity. How to find some people that sincerely love us without any condition occurred. It’s quite interesting since the main role is actually a really nice and warm girl but still her friends not really accept her warm heart as a 100% good thing. Some says that it’s a bit annoying since she is too nice and light-handed, some other says that well she is just a pure naïve girl that not really fun to be around with. Even when we decide to do good things, our environment not really accept that 100% as a good one.

So,, is that make the choice to be a good person decrease?? Nope, I don’t think so. Well, all we have to do is giving our best attitude to comfort anybody around no matter how each of them will accept that along the way. Be sincere is a must, no matter what your friend might think of your sincerity cause most of the time our best isn’t good enough, but still no reason to give anything less. Let us do the right thing and let them do their ‘dirty laundry’, it will be our own responsibility anyway.

“A flower falls even though we love it, and a weed grows even though we don’t love it” – Dogen Zenji

So, bad people will always exist even though they’re not always appears as a bad one, and good people will always beside us although at the start we used to hate them. Things change permanently but sun always rises the next day. Some might not get your kindness today but some other day they will finally find out your true color, nothing’s permanent rather than change itself.

So, shall we get to know everyone true color before we decide to do something bad or good? No, we don’t have to. No needs to do some background check on every person, we just need to keep our true feeling towards others. They will somehow find out as long as what we’re showing is our true color. As long as you mean your smile that you put on whole day, and as long as you put your heart along your intention to do a nice thing to people around you. Speak, act, and give with all your heart, it will surely get accepted by heart, sooner or later.

At the end, we shall keep our smile and our sincerity no matter what they think it is…

Jakarta, 120312, 13:14


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