Be You, not Them (Another life puzzle)

Hahaa… Life is just a freaking comedy, where everybody put on a mask and play role by role they need to in order to get a better role, which is really tiring and kinda useless.

Seriously, I kid you not.. what are those mask for? Just on purpose to get a better role and you thought you’ll be more a respectable person after that?? Some might have gained from what they called changing a better mask, but your personality and attitude still on top of all those things since it makes you who you are. Sometimes we need to put on a mask in order to keep everyone on their comfort zone but most of the time we have to go solo and stick around on to the value we need to hold. Eversince we are a baby, we were thaught to follow our insting and to choose the right things over the nice one, so why should we give up on that great value we’ve learned?

Once you decide to play, you’re actually leaving your true self inch by inch. It doesn’t mean that you can’t play, you may play but I mean play a role as a real you, if you’re a funny person, be a funny and humorous one, not because they want you to; if you feel like in need with someone else, show it, play your part and express your feeling. Why we have to complicate things while it’s easier to just be ourselves with every random things we want to tell them.

Life is actually real simple, we are the one who complicate it. Life is laughable though, or shall I say we’re the laughable one? Hahaa.. Well, there‘s one thing that can make life become a cheap comedy or a witty joke, it’s gratitude. So, if you realize that whatever given was what best you deserved, you will never want to play any role just to be someone else (that you thought) better than you. Gratitude is what will bring you to the highest value called ‘Enough’, not too much not too less just enough. This is what every human being need to fight for. When we realize that enough just to be enough, surely we’ll reach the happiness every single day we’ll sail for.

Enough in every part that build a life, as well as relationship. If you want to be in like with someone, don’t ask anything in return coz in human’s life we can’t ever ask the same thing we’ve given. We might end up in a dissapointment. Enough just to be in like, asking for a return favor is beyond ‘enough’ and you may think that twice as it will put yourself in a big risk on having a big scar. If you want to wait for someone, just wait and don’t ever think that they’re actually wait you as long as you wait them. Nobody (ever) ask you to wait for anybody, but you yourself decide to wait for somebody that unfortunately so damn annoying. It’s fine to give up on finding the right person for ourselves, but it doesn’t mean that we’ve given up on hoping that they’re still looking for us, hahahaa.. Why should we wait for someone that don’t even have any certainty to offer, we better get close to God the one that have a power to change a man heart. Yes, God is the one that we have to count on our deal on give and take. God is the one who will grant you a wish which is better than you’ve been imagining ever. No doubt on that, I’m sure each of us have proved this before.

See, talking about life always make you end up on finding your(better)self which lead to God power. This is the nicest thing I like about writing a life puzzle. Perhaps that these random things I called article could bring you to various better end than before. And finally, have a good night sleep everyone, dream better and be better.

Jakarta, 010312, 22.26

Aurora Borealis


One thought on “Be You, not Them (Another life puzzle)

  1. tampil apa adanya memang sesuatu yg harus kita lakukan, akan tetapi melatih diri untuk selalu tampil menjadi pribadi yang baik bukanlah kepura-puraan, sesuatu akan menjadi biasa (apa adanya) ketika dibiasakan, maka biasakanlah menjadikan diri dalam pribadi yang baik untuk menjadi pribadi yang baik

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