A Year Older

Hey, what so special about getting older? In fact that actually your life is getting shorter. Yes, it is!!

Well, if you thought that you’re getting older and getting closer to your death, then it will be as miserable as that, but for me I choose to be thankful for every single time given to me until today I’m now 24 years and 7 days old.

Yes, exactly a week ago I was having my moment on getting a year older. What makes that special than my previous birthday? The fact that now I’m a worker means that I’m now trying to make my parent’s burden less than before. Well, getting older is a blessing despite of what you’ve been achieving at the moment. It’s a blessing and remarkable time to count on how many things you’ve got from God till this year. Blessing to know that there is still a lot of people care for you for real by giving their sincere wish for a better you. Blessing to know that there is still people who cheers for you not because of your birthday cake but because of your happiness on realizing that you’re blessed by being alive until today. Blessing to know that almost all your wishes a year before has been accomplished. What else should make us sad by changing our number? Get closer to death is an unavoidable fact that any other creatures will experience it, so why we have to feel bad about that rather than having a marvelous birthday by thanking every single things given?

And so, like a rule for a birthday girl, I should have some wishes asked for a year ahead. All I wish is to have no regret in life and to recognize all the things that worth to keep. So, all my wishes is about to be more wide awake on looking a small thing bigger and a big thing smaller so that I can see all the details that I have to remember and to respect and able to look bigger than the huge things around so I’ll be wiser an more confident to take an action. As a mark for getting older, I dare myself to act on my project that has been planned a long time ago. Wish me luck for that, now I’m working on it.

Well, actually there is another wish, I really wish that I could meet someone who’ll be my BF(F) for the rest of my life. Honestly, I’ve never thought ‘this’ thing before, and finally I tell you that yes now I’m thinking about it a lot lately. As my previous article, I wish I could meet a man (not an angel) that could love (ah ya, finally I say this) me as I am, the one that will help me be a better me while I’m with him. I admit that I’m far from perfect, that’s why I don’t want to find a perfect man but a man that can love and guide me perfectly. I have no idea who will it be, but I really hope that he will guide me to love Allah more than him, coz once I choose; I’ll have no other eye for other man. Once wise man said “In dream and love, nothing is impossible”. I do hope it’s possible to get the impossible ordinary man. Is that you, the one who read this now? Who knows?

At the end, you can conclude that yeah it’s not only one wish but a lot of wishes I asked. Another wishes is that I would love to be a better me that able to maintain my ability (If I do have some) so that it will be wisely used and to admit all my weaknesses so that I could at least not repeating my previous mistakes. I wish I could treat someone nicely without even thinking for a return, wishing to finish all my life challenges although the result isn’t always a victory, wishing to learn from all the things situated around me and be aware of the lesson given, wishing to learn for an additional knowledge not only on purpose to pass the exam, wishing to grow (slowly) rather than standing still, and wishing to feel blessed for everything without any exception.

Finally, happy birthday for me, and thank you for all your wishes. It helps me a lot at least to think for a better plan ahead.

Thank you,

Jakarta, 010212, 12:26


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