I smurf you

Hi, smurfalous you
Pleaseee,,, stop smurfing me
I got smurf by your smurfy shine
Why should you be so smurfy
That oftenly smurfing me inside..
Smurf me, but I can’t smurf my smurf to you no matter how smurf I smurf my smurfing on you

Smurfgetable you,
I smurfly sory coz Im so in smurf with you
And I think, you will be smurf enough to hold back my smurfy feeling

Smurf.. Smurf..
Just keep smurfing
So I can still smurfing alive with you as my smurfy reason..

What a smurfy day to write a smurf to you
Jakarta, 080112, 09:19


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