Life and Death could be as scary and as great as we thought

I am not an expertise, not in my field of study nor in life. And, about life, I dont think anybody can be expert in these field of experiences. A lot of people might have spent most of their time analyzing life, even so, they won’t ever be a life expertise.

Ok, leave it behind, a thought that I wanna share is about life and death. Yup, the inseparable thing. Yesterday, I got more intens in this matter due to the movie “ARISAN 2”. Have you watch that? Well, despite the social life, life values offered inside quite meaningful. I’ll try to share what I got esp. for you who haven’t watched it yet. Well, there is a condition of one of the actrees that situated her as a cancer patient, she used to mourn her disease as she was the most miserable person until she met several people that change her life from misserable to enjoyable.

I’ll quote one of the dialogue saying that people like them are blessed by God by getting these uncureable disease, “we are blessing to get to know how long time we have left which is not any healthy person have it.”. So, from her side, it’s not even a disease that they have to suffer, but it’s a blessing that they have to be thankful for. They have time to do what they must and have not done before to their lovely people around and to their blessing life. In this part, I just stayed in silence and kept thinking… that’s awesome and really meaningful for me. The world can always be beautiful if we see things from a good point of view. They could be as miserable as they thought if they choose to be a sick person, otherwise, they become a fortunate people that always grateful for what they do have now.

Flower will not be able to blossom forever
So, we gotta enjoy our present and leave our past behind. Let our past memories became a lesson to learn not to be something that we regret and get trapped into it. Enjoy our present and look for a better future. We might do some foolishness in the past, but we have to make it as an experience to understand things better after we try them, failure doesn’t matter if we do learn from it and graduate from our incompetences. Not to ask why this happened but what can I learn from this failure. Not to ask what will come in the future but how can I make a better future. Not to ask a lot of things to happen but to make a lot of things happened while appreciating what we do have now.

If we do realize, death is actually the most scary thing for a human life to make life feel more alive. God give fear to wake you up and challenge you to be more alive. Meet it!! And Beat it up!! Why not?!

So, finally, this short movie hand me a handful life nutrition for my long journey ahead that attaching a lot of task to be faced and passed for a better us.

Jakarta, 201211, 2202


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