Life is a dream, Realize it!!

Life is a work of art that only GOD know how to make this as interesting as it is now.

Like a long tunnel, life can give us light or even trap us in the darkness.

Like a piece of paper, once it’s written it will leave a scratch that can’t be erased perfectly.


Life is actually a dream that we are not aware enough to realize it.

A dream that could bring us to a various end by a various possible way with an undescribable feeling mixed inside it.

A dream that once be cursed by almost every human being and a second later become something that bring joy and happiness.

A dream that has nothing to offer except uncertainty, as unmeasurable amount of sand in the beach.

A dream that having no perfection to give, it rather gives an imperfection to live with.


No matter how bitter, tough, hard, and sorrowful life seems at first, thankfulness will be the key to realize that life only offer a dream to realize and to make it come true.


Be aware to realize that LIFE IS A DREAM!!

Jakarta, 301111, 23.58



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