The Memory left will always be the best part of all


If Korea was the best country I’ve ever visited, and in Germany I’ve been a part of the best teamate, then in Pakistan I’ve got a lot of best friend.


Almost a year ago, I found another great friend out there. Great friend that gathered in a special moment held on a special country, Pakistan. And this morning, one of them successfully drag me back to that precious moment I’ve spent there.


I only thought to give my best at first I got selected for IYCF 2010 with no high expectation of making a good friend realizing that this was only 3 days event. There also a thight schedule given by the committee that spare me limited time to get to know each other better. But, somehow we made a strong connection that left a sorrow at the time we were apart. I thought it’s only me the one who count on other as a special person on that special moment, in the end I found that almost everyone felt the same. What could be better than counting on people who count you back.


Sadly, I can’t be part of that event this year. Even if I badly miss other participant and hoping that we could make somekind of reunion, real life ask me to make a priority since I’ve graduated. But even if I do come back there, I’m sure that the moment and memory never ever be the same. Fortunately, we all have made our best part in making the memory. Being apart is actually a consequences of letting other come into your life, it’s an unavoidable law that we all know from the very first time we met. Once GOD give you assignment to spent some time with precious person, all you have to do is doing as best as you can, so you won’t ever regret it later.


And yeah, finally…

I admit that I miss them,

miss them more,

miss them much,

miss them as much as the very first time we are apart..

It’s crazy to pretend that I dont miss you all…


Once wise people said that a worthy life is the life that you are a worthy person and make other people worthy too.

Jatinangor, 211011, 08.11


5 thoughts on “The Memory left will always be the best part of all

  1. wow historina it is really touch my heart because it is really ur feeling and i am proud to be ur friend and i hope we have an opportunity to meet agine in the near future.
    Wish u all the best.

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