Is there still a pure hearted prince charming out there?

prince charming


I know I was away for quite sometimes and I should be back with a bunch of inspiring story. But, I’d rather share this annoying hateful fact first and save the best story later after I’ve confirmed the ending.


Well, lately I’ve been surrounding with some of my close friend which direct or indirectly cheating their (let say) soulmate. It brings a good impact anyway, that makes me pray time over time to not having a future prince charming like them. *sigh* But, honestly, the fact that man just can’t easily get over their willing to stare at other girl made me a bit mad. Is it that hard just to be loyal into 1 girl that you’ve choosed first?? Hey, who ask badly on relationship first, huh?? And after you got bored, you think you can just threw them away without any hesitation? And (evenmore) back again whenever you got tired playing around with other girls?? Please watchout!! I think payback is the nature law that no human can ever against.


Ok, let me calm myself down first, It’s getting hot here when it comes to ‘mars and venus’ topic. I probably too easy to judge man who cheat over other better girl, I might be judge unfairly since I situated myself as a girl, but Im sure for these values that I would like to share no matter what gender you are and what reason you have.

1.       Dont ever try to play with fire if you dont wanna get burned anytime soon.

Yeah, even the agile rabbit can (at least) once stumble. Even if you try to prepare a dam of water, the fire you start at least make your finger get hot and almost burn. Means that nothing is unriskful, and dont try to risk something you can’t control. Any harm you do to other people will ask you to pay you back someday somehow, so, don’t start the fire if you don’t wanna get burned.


2.       There’s endless way to go if you always try to find a better person over a better one.

Yeah, that’s obviously right, if you always try to find someone (or something) better, then sooner or later you’ll leave what you’ve got now,, Don’t try to find the best of everything but make the best of anything, then you won’t ever bored or even regret your choice. “If life give you lemon, ask for orange juice.” As it said in Simfoni Luar Biasa movie,,, so, even if you got sour lemon, don’t ever think to ask for another sweet fruit, but make it sweet your way… Please, be creative.. Anyway, there will be endless way to go for the perfect person ever.


So, I might be sound a bit selfish in this matter, but please, somehow you’ll finally got bored with your game of love, and you never know when will you be bored, how if the time you realize all your mistakes is the time you hold your last breath??! There won’t be enough time to fix everything.


Finally, is there still prince charming that can accept us as who we are out there???


Be better everyday,


Jatinangor, 111011, 22.20



One thought on “Is there still a pure hearted prince charming out there?

  1. wuahhhh…keren teteeeeh:-)
    ngebahas yang akhir2 ini kejadian ma aku,hahhaha…

    and I always believe,when I lost something,god will give me the better one..

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