A little, simple, amateur project…

Hai hai,,,

so, hows your day?? I hope you all reader have had a great day full of smile. -is there any reader on this kinda junk blog?- ahahaha… anyway, I’m gonna let you know my little, simple, amateur (like it says in the tittle) project starting from now on..

Let me tell you what kind of project (if I may say so) that I want to launch, and where that I get the inspiration on planning this project. Well, actually I have had this idea a long long time ago, but Im not creative enough to decide the theme, and since just about 10 minutes ago I’ve done watching “Julie and Julia”, I plan to execute the idea from now on. If in “Julie and Julia” the blog theme is about cooking from the masterpiece recipes, then mine would be about a lesson from several people about unique things they got while living abroad. Im still thinking about the project name, or should I just name it “FOOTSTEP”? represent the footstep left after tasting sometime abroad. I hope you (readers) dont mind with this project title idea.

This project about abroad thingy and so I made coz I love to find some self motivation on going overseas, and I do hope that you all will get the same as me even more. I promise i’ll try to write it on my best way I can. It will pop up as the top story on my blog, so its like inspiring profile feature. I hope as excited as me for this project.

I havent had any deadline yet, or should it has any? I dont really think so, cause what Im gonna share to you is a little lesson from every part of the world, why should we make deadline on it. please please please wait and promise me you’ll read every detail of it.

Ah ya, for you who like my cheesy (loving… ewww) writing and some lesson from my everyday life, doont worry, I wont let that go. I’ll try to keep that kind of writing and also try to keep up my project. But I thought my project wont appear as often as my everyday life writing. Thought I have to find some special person spread around first. At least it will appear once a month.

Be aware.. and be excited…


Keep smiling and keep positive..

Best wishes for y’all, Historina..

Jatinangor, 260911, 21.20


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