Don’t Worry, You’ll Get What You Need

Who says that it’s easy to let go things that you’ve planned well?? It’s hardly easy, it obviously disappointing moments.

Give up?? Yeah.. almost..

Whatsoever things that made you change the direction that you’ve design from the past 2 years will shake you hard for God-sake!! I can assure you that you will not move if only you forget that the decision is not yours at all. Our job just to make a plan so we can minimize the disappointment that may come next, but the disposition still HIS job.

So, what best attitude should we show??

Accept, Release, and Keep moving… Yeah, first : please don’t run!! It won’t change the reality. Accept whatever given. Well, after planning the whole things, you just need to give your best effort but if it isn’t comes to what you’ve planned than accept it. We just human that have a lot of limitation, we only see what we want to see, but HE sees what we need to have. Rather than become exhausted defensing what you’ve been keeping, try to see from the whole possible angle, you may found the reason to make your acceptance easier. It is all for your own good.

Next step you should do is to release whatever things you’ve been struggling for. I am not saying that it means you give up your own dream. NO, not at all!! After acceptance process, you will have a view to decide on things whether it should be released or still worth to keep. For this process you need to be neutral. It might look bad on your side for letting your dream away, but it could be better if you try to look from all point of view. So you need to get out from your box and try to walk around the box and see what best to be your final decision. If in the end you still have to release, I’m sure your process to let go will be easier after you accept anything decide for you. Don’t be negative, even if you have to adjust your dream, it doesn’t mean that it finally ends. May be, it is just not the right time, it just need to delay for a little while. May be, it still takes you to the same destination and only asks you to walk from other path that could be longer that the previous one. Just keep positive!! Releasing doesn’t always mean giving up, remember!!

Then, you should keep on moving!! Don’t think too hard on what possibly be your given result, just keep moving and keep doing your best and surely you’ll arrived (somehow) at what makes you happy until you forget how hard just to walk to an end. Result is not everything, but the good attitude in the whole process is anything that will take you to whatever you need.

So, don’t ever worry, you’ll get what you need for sure!!

Jatinangor, 030811, 06.39


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