Face It and Live Along With It

There’s no growth in comfort zone and there’s no comfort in growth zone

-Muhammad Assad; “Notes From Qatar”-

So, which one you choose? You wanna stay in comfort zone and never grow up or you prefer to choose growth zone altough it won’t be comfort at first? The choice is yours, you know the risks, consequences, and some values you’ll gain after.. It’s all up to you.. For me, I’ll choose GROWTH zone. It will probably give you uncomfort condition at first, but that’s only occured at the beginning, after that it’s our job to make it comfortable and move ourselves to the other growth zone until it becomes comfort again.

What I wanna share here is about my final research paper for graduation. I’ve been working on it since last year. It’s pretty exhausting and mind boggling. Sigh,,, At first I have my full spirit to finish this research paper, and then not long after that a lot of peddle came and made me trembling in the middle of it.. came to the end of the process, a lot more stones require me to move backward in order to take a long jump.. It seriously takes my energy away in a blink.

Honestly, there was time when I left it behind and doing other things less prior. But, in the mean time, I finally realize that I just made the whole process longer than it has been. If I want a freedom faster, means I have to give my great attention on it, I can’t just run away and wish that it will be finished by itself. The only way to get rid of it is to face it. I realize that the only one I’m dealing with is myself. It’s a learning process actually, learn about how to face my fear, manage it, and be brave enough to pass and leave it behind. No matter how long the time takes to finally realize it, the thing is I can’t miss the lesson.

Well, everybody once will have to deal with it, so why can’t I?? Why should I doubt myself and choose to run?? No matter how far I run, I just get in to the circle without even across the gate and get to the next level. Coz the way to run faster and get as far as I can is to open the gate by passing the last test to get a key as a reward. I have to choose, whether I face it and save time to move on to the next stage or I stay, extend time, and still have to face it. Finally, I proof it myself, like other, I also can climb the stair after a lot of sacrifice, sweat, even tears I’ve made.

Some people make the world happen;

More watch the world happen;

Most wonder what happened.

Its your choice,

Which group you want to belong to.

-Frederic Pascal-

So, you wanna be a watcher or an actor? You wanna take a part or enough just to be the crowd that cheers on it? Again, the choice is yours, but based on my experience, I recommend you not to delay the time to get the fresh air and have a goodnight sleep, hard at first to feel relieved from your burden later…

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2 thoughts on “Face It and Live Along With It

  1. sukaaaa,,
    yg gw lakuin cuma larii dan lariii dan lariii kmudian mnumpuk nite mare di bawah tempat tidur gw,,dan bangun di esok harinya dengan keadaan yg lebih buruk lagi.
    how cud i face the obstacle??hadehhhh….

    • nah, sebenernya lintang sudah tau masalahnya dimana kan? tinggal tergantung lintang, setelah tau masalahnya, cuma dipikirin atau langsung action buat meminimalisirnya. i suggest you to do whatever you can do today, and make a list, so you can control it.

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