I won’t give up this feeling



I’m actually a coward,,,

When I watch horror movies, I don’t have the courage to open my eyes..

If I go to a high place, my legs will shake..

But for me..

The most scary thing is…

When I can’t see you..

(Jong Ki – Running Man)




Isn’t that sweet?? >__<

But, Im sure it less sweet than what I’m actually feel inside here…


You will not believe how can I deal this feeling for these long time…

You will think that I should be out of my sanity…

But it’s all true..

My feeling for you make me can bear up on anything that human hardly can’t face

My trembling heart that almost burst out because of your existence, wierdly strengthen me

How can I get rid of you, if you’re the one that made me be alived

How can even I loose a sight of you, when it makes me faint until your warm heart surround me back again..

Even when I can’t see you,,,

Suddenly you appears out of nowhere and become my imaginary friend,,,

I will hold this inside,,

Until you realize that there’s always me when you have no one to hold on to

Altough you haven’t turn your head on me…

I will keep on holding this tightly

And will only giving it up on you…

Till then…

Please keep searching for your best partner…

And I’ll keep hoping that you’ll end up on me…


Jatinangor, 010711, 23.38



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