I am the light!!


Have you ever trapped in the darkness??
I have,,
Once in a time..
Am I getting dark too?
I felt I am..
But once I see around,,
Hard to find any darkness,,
Its surrounds with light..
Bright light..


3, 4, and more steps,
I heard the other part of darkness call my name
When I reached them, I cant find any darkness
Instead the last dark place I’ve visited call me back..
Again and again, happen exactly the same…

After such a long exhausting time
I finally got to know
That I was shining the darkness..
I was the one that made them dissapeared..
I am the light..
I am the bright light that even the dark willing to sacrifice their darkness
I am the shiny little hope they’ve been waiting for,,

Most of the time, I was too bussy scuffle with the darkness
Till I forgot..
No need to fight against any dark..
I just have to shine..
Shining the light inside me..
Shining like what I’ve meant to be created..
Shining and lead the other darkness find their own light…

Let me shine,,
Let me be their light…
And let me keep this shining light surround me ever after,,,
Just like GOD have asked me to..

Jatinangor, 230411, 09.21


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