I need some distraction

That can erase my heavy burden

And somehow lead me away from “what next gonna happen” thought..

I need all the stuff

That used to be part of my escaping plans

And easily bring back my big smile that will last forever…

Ah ya,,

Honestly,, I need you…

The biggest pieces of my future…

Where have you been??


Am I the one that push myself away from you??

Such a hypocrite..

Wishing you to accept me as I am

While Im not hard enough stepping up onto your level

Like wishing a star shining my ceiling to feel safe to sleep..

Should I keep hoping some glare in your eyes while we meet?

Would you ever welcoming me to be part of your life colour?

Or should I throw my fairytale dream and wish nothing on you?

I guess I better stop questioning,,,

I dont care from which way you’ll come

Whatsoever your look anyway..

I know you’ll make my hearth melt from the very first time we meet

No matter who you are..

You’ll always make my breath oftenly stop

And every single time of my life will be coloured by your brush..

Just like today..

While finally..

Successfully distracted by you

As always…

Jatinangor, 210411, 22.34


2 thoughts on “Distraction

  1. On any clock upon the wall
    The time is always now
    So baby kiss the past goodbye
    Don’t let the future blow your mind
    Just sit back and chill
    Take things as they come
    You can’t be afraid
    To live for today
    I will be with you each step of the way
    rilex histor :))

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