Sick of all things

Im sick of this

Sick of whole possibility given to me to high up all hopes

Sick of whole process that finally cornered me to a sad ‘unwanted’ end

If it wont work, then dont give me hope

If it will work later, then dont tell me now..

Till I lost all my confident..

Till Im out of my mind on accepting that I’ve defeated…


What I got on hoping to human after GOD..


I knew it might be like this in some worst result

But I keep on repeating these cycle..

And keep forgetting HIS power on changing things,,

I should have hanging my hope only on God

Wishing no more on human..

And yeah,,

Again I learn my lesson..

Hope I wont ever forget anymore…


Im sick of these,,

And sick of myself too,.

But life will always be there wait for me to get back on track,,

Now or later,, I have to get prepared again



I’ve learned in a harsh way,,


Jatinangor, 190411, 22.53


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