See You Soon

see you soon

Have you seen the sky tonight?
Without stars, it wont be beautiful,,
And also with my heart,,
without you, my heart fulfilled with darkness
‘Cause you’re my star that lighting my heart…

And did you ever thought about the space among our finger??
It creates to let another hand to make it completely strong
And i know it’s your hand that I’ve been waiting for…

Ah ya,,,
I dont like to wait for anything in life,,,
It always end up in a boredom
Except waiting for you..
Frankly, I dont feel bored,,
Every single second passed with happiness inside
It’s fine for me to dedicate my whole life just to wait you..
You always made me enjoying my day a lot

Tell me,,
What kind of magic is that?
Teach me, so that I can do the same to you..
Have you experienced these kind of feeling about me?
Ah, dont tell me,,,
I dont wanna know..
All I want to keep in mind is that you are the one my life was made for…
And that’s all you have to realize…

Sooner or later..
God will made us as one..
I know, and you’ll get to know too..

See you soon..
Till the time giving up to make us apart

Jatinangor, 010411, 23.11


4 thoughts on “See You Soon

  1. Histoooooooooooo………. this is fab!!!
    in this haste writing…. thoughts are enjoying & speechless!!!
    now, u inspired me to write one more like that 😀

    • ahahaha,, isn’t that too much, 😛
      if you got the feeling, no need several minutes to make a sweet one 😀
      n now, Im curious with your next writing 😀

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