Be Grateful Of What You Have In Life

This writing is about my reunion with an old friend from Deutsch course. We spent the last 3 months together but it feels like we’ve been friend for years.

So, as our regular meeting, we always talk about going to Germany together. FYI, they already graduated, and me with another one still struggling on finishing our final paper. And so, they’re bussy seeking a job here there and everywhere. As usual, when the topic comes up, I push them to prepare earlier the things needed to go to Germany. And one of my friend (let’s call her Wina), has some problem with her parent. Well, actually it is not really a problem, more about responsibility to shows to her parent. She decide to have a job at least for one year that’s what her parent ask. Until now, she delay all the administration form fulfilling before she get a job. So, what I can do for her is helping her by passing job vacancy.

From that short dialogue with her, bring me to a contemplation on being grateful of what I have till now. Her problem is not my problem anymore. May be I haven’t graduated yet, but I do have a job that can help me on providing some financial needed and also as the thing strengthen my position on my parent point of view. It makes me look deep down on myself and saying “THANK YOU” to God for all the things he’ve been giving me.

Other things to learn about is the balance God give in life. May be I dont have what she has already, but I do have another thing that she doesn’t have. We can’t always have what others have, but if we are wise enough on looking things on ourselves, we’ll find something that only you the owner of it. And all the source that says “humans are never satisfied” would be wrong. Human can also satisfy by learn to not having all the things in life.

For example, one of my friend (in the same Deutsch class) having a great linguistic capability but she doesn’t have time anymore to take a part in course because of her job. Me, my friend, Wina, and a friend of her still have time but we are incapable on following things up because of other responsibility that need to be finished first. Other friend is poor on understanding Deutsch, but he has time and financial capability, and so he learn and keep learn to be an expert in Deutsch. So, nobody’s perfect, the imperfection is the one that makes them perfect.

Be grateful


Jatinangor, 290311, 10.06


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