Writing is…

One regular thing I decide to do while boredom is killing me, I WRITE..

Anything,, poem, political article, inspiring story, or just my (unimportant) feeling i felt lately. Yeah, write anything became a part of my healing teraphy, became my escape door of all the stressful activity that forcing me to cry and start thinking on giving up things. While I’ve dead lock time, writing will help me to find a way out, or at least will relax me on thinking with a clear and cold head.


Besides, writing is also a freedom declaration (I’ve wrote this in Bahasa). Yeah, no matter where you are, who you’re or how incapable your condition, we all have same opportunities to share our thought freely, imprisoned by your physical capability, moreover, it will last forever. So, dont just write anything, but try to give your reader some useful information, motivation, inspiration, etc that will give them advantage while reading your writing.


And from now on, I’ll try to write in english more often, so I can share it widely not only for Indonesian, but also for other readers accross the sea, to learn together, and understand better.



Jatinangor, 280311, 21.43


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