It’s About Attitude

I’ve attended several international events. For me, any kind of international event such as youth conference, student festival, student exchange, youth forum, it is all like a laboratory. Yeah, laboratory that has some aims to teach you how to get to know each other culture, how to appreciate the differentation, how to tollerate the various typical habit brought from their own home country, and so on. Shortly, entire character we play not only about how to show the best upon our own individual name but also to represent how your country teach and makes you through your attitude.


I’ve experienced several situation that puts me on some uncomfort zone which encourage me to be more patient on facing it. Sometimes it needs us to leave the zone and some other time it necessarily need an explanation to clear the uncomfort situation. But most important thing, no matter how angry you are while possitioning in the situation, you have to put aside your anger and act wisely. Remember, you are the representative of your own country, so keep on your great attitude as your country have taught you,,


And finally, after several trip on some international event, I learn how to control my emotion, and to be a better and much more better delegation for my next event…

Watch our your attitude!!


Historina Safitri Hakim

Jatinangor, Indonesia

00.24, 230311


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