Bridging Differences

Yeah, you can laugh at me, but still,, my passion is to be the bridge of the differences. Why not? I have a faith on that. I even have more courage after all God give me on life. My life path shows me that God equips me with every little thing has been given.

Start from my childhood. I lived in Timor Leste, used to know as East Timor province of Indonesia (untill the separation on 1999). There, you can easily find any kind of Indonesian people with all their differences. One day I heard the christians do worship, another day hindu people brought a lot of fruit to go to the mountain to visit the temple where they will pray, and some other time all moslem celebrate ‘Iedil Fitri include me. We visit each other and we tollerate other people doing their ritual.

Someday, my narrow-eyed friend ask me to visit their house where i can find a lot of incense. Another day, my sumatera’s friend do chat with me with their loud voices, really different with Javanesse people that speak in a low voices. And then next day, my local friend (Timor’s) (which is typically has a dark skin) ask me to have a learning group with them. It was all really beautiful. All differences unite as a neighborhood, classmate, and playmate.

I lived there for about 11 years, and I believe its not a coincident, God want me to learn how peace living among all the differences. No conflict, no misunderstanding. If there is any question about why things going on like that, we can easily ask and communicate. I learn a lot about how to adapt and adopt a lot of good lesson spread around the community i lived in.

And then, I had to leave my best living environment. Back to Lampung, I was placed to a low-rate junior high school where I learn how hard making a living is. It taught me a lot of thing on struggling in life. There, I learn to be grateful of what has been given to me, especially my little happy family. Thats the true treasure of life. Move to senior high school, where I can easily find a lot of wealthy friend. They can be wealth, but the happiness still hard to measured by the wealthiness. Some of them has a broken home family, lack of affection. Throw all the money if it couldn’t makes you happy. And again, I was taught how to be grateful of what I’ve had, how to feel enough and satisfied. And here, I learn the difference between the poor and the rich. They need each other to learn all the things that can not be learned from the life of each.

Entering the university, again i was placed in the heterogenous community through a lot of experiences. I was tested by every experience. Most of it are the ‘Why’ question, about why are you not like me? Why did you do that? Why like this and why like that? No refusal, I had a headache facing all the question that badly need to be answered. But I am trying my best to communicate it, and it always gives me a good result. Through communication, I can build the unity among every differences. Ah, I guess everyone already knew it. The important thing that you should not just put on assuming yourself about a lot of question you have in mind. It will just lead you to a bad end. Ask, learn, understand, and tollerate it, It will always successfully build the unification.

So, Thats my life, that I believe was gave on some special purposes. And for me, I believe I was challenged to break the differences anywhere in life that just make me sick of doing a unification however the way. I have faith, and I believe in that.. Its your turn to choose your role in this short challenging life.

Be the change you wanna be in the world!!

Mahatma Gandhi

Historina Safitri Hakim

Jatinangor, Indonesia, 230311, 01.33


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