You know nothing about me

I like you

What did you just said??
You’re telling me that laughing better than being a cold girl with a high pride?
Hey, watch out,, you know nothing..
It’s better to be a cold one, so later you’ll start seeing me among other girls

Say it again,,,
You’re just asking me to be a patient rather than being a reckless girl?
Gosh!! You dont know that I was worried someday you’ll walk peacefully ignoring me with some other girl, and it makes me think shortly about any kind of thing on keeping you by my side

Please,, Think again!!
Don’t ask me not to put my make up,,
It will killing me with this fuzzy feeling that you’ll walk away for a prettier girl sooner or later
I can’t even imagine that..

You know nothing about me,,
As I said,, may be you think you’re the best analyzer of what best put upon me
But again I say,, No,, you absolutely know nothing about me..
Frankly, not like anyone else,,
Eventually I learn how to put a big smile on my face
Finally I start to forget how to put make up
And slowly Im getting better on controlling my self..

May be, because having you on my side, make me forget about other prettier girl,
May be, because my hand full of your heart that named ‘yours’
May be, because you are the one I’ve been waiting for a life time to hold me tight and choose me to be the one and only you like,,
May be, because it is ‘you’ who fulfill my lonely day after all..
And, because…
You’re the one that can make me grateful of what God have made me waiting for this long in life..

Jatinangor, 100311, 21.08


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