Just like Gravity


I am Moslem
You are Christian
He is Hinduism
They are Chatolic
She is Budhism
But we call ourself best friend…


I am black
That boy is white
This girl is brown
But we are classmate…


I speak Arabic
Those old couple speak English
That pretty girl speaks Indonesian
This handsome man speaks France
And we live as a neighbor…




No matter what’s your religion…
However your skin..
What so ever your language is..
Just like gravity..
We all will always be gathered
Just like gravity..
We will always back down there
No matter how high the differenciation level,,
There is always gravity keep you back at the same ground in the same position as it appears to be,,,
Your heart will always lead you to a unity
And always find a reason to welcome it..


Just like gravity
You can’t fight against it..
Unless you accept it and learn to live with it..
Yeah,, like we learn not to jump too high to avoid the worst injury that might be given…


Jatinangor, 290111, 23.55



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