I’ll be just alright!!



There was a time…

When every single thing felt so unfair


There was a moment…

When I asked “Why is that really hard to get myself deserve?”


There was a doubt came up in to the air…

“Am I doing the right thing??” Or “Is it really not the time to have what I thought I need??”


There was an unbelieveness showed up..

Will this can really be over soon??




The time,, the moment.. the doubt,, n unbelieveness

Stay for a while..

Forcing me to complaint every single things I’ve felt

Pushing me to the place where I always felt regretful

Punishing me to the edge of unhappiness that have spread around


And there always GOD…

Answer me by anyway possible..


Successfully touching my weaknesses

Smoothly holding me tight

Warmly hugging me close


And saying…

That all I need is strongly struggling till the end

Holding my shoulder and keep it wide while saying “not to give up”

Asking me to be patience for what God have been preparing…


Even sometimes too hard

Too exhausted

And too harsh to ask myself be on the right path,,,



I know that I only have to do one thing

Keep on believing…

Of what God have been creating for my best

Let God do His job..

And I do mine,,,


Do what a human always do…

Keep asking

And keep explaining myself…

To finally feel safe..

And say that “I’ll be just alright,,”


Jatinangor, 190111, 23.28




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