(IYCF Journal) Trip Route

Seperti yang sudah saya sampaikan sebelumnya, demi mengejar tiket murah dalam rangka menghadiri konferensi di Pakistan, saya berangkat menuju Islamabad, dari Bali, via Thailand,,,

1 December 2010

04.00      Depart from Jatinangor to Prima Jasa Bus Services @BSM, Bandung

05.00      Bandung to Soekarno Hatta Airport, Jakarta

08.45      Arrived @Terminal 1 C, Soekarno Hatta Airport

09.30      Check in @Citilink counter (Airport Tax : Rp.40.000)

11.30      Get inside the plane,,,

11.45      Take off from Soekarno Hatta Airport, Jakarta to Ngurah Rai Airport, Denpasar Bali

14.30      (Local time) Arrived @Ngurah Rai Airport

15.30      Met an old friend, Eka Mahardika for slept over @Sanglah, Denpasar.

Left Bagage in the airport (Rp. 25.000/bag/day)



2 December 2010

13.00      From Sanglah to Airport

13.45      Go to left bagage counter

14.00      Check in @ Thai Airways counter (Airport Tax Rp. 150.000)

15.55      Get inside the plane..

16.10      Take off from Ngurah Rai, Denpasar Bali to Suvarnabhumi, Thailand

19.25      (Local time) land in Suvarnabhumi, Thailand

19.35      Bagage Claim and everything

20.15      Finding Left bagage counter (100 Bath/bag/day)

20.45      Sky Train from Suvarnabhumi to Phaya thai (15 Bath)

MRT from Phaya Thai to Sala Daeng Station (transit 1x) (25 Bath)

21.10      Arrived in Siloam Night Market

23.00      Siloam Night Market to Khao San Road (Backpacker Area) by Taxi meter (80 Bath)

23.30      Arrived @Khao San Road,, hunting a guest house to sleep over…

23.45      Check in @Central Guest House (220 Bath/2ppl)

00.15      Explore Khao San Road

02.30      Back to Central guest House


3 December 2010

08.00      Ready to Explore BANGKOK..

Take a walk from one to another place,, visit some Temple (Wat) around Khao San Road

09.00      Arrived around Grand Palace,, naek tuk-tuk (40 Bath) and go to other place

– Another Wat..

– Visit Jewelry Factory

– Visit Marble Temple

10.30      Arrived @Grand Palace (Ticket : 350 Bath/ppl)

11.45      Back to Khao San Road

12.00      Lunch @Ethos Vegetarian Food

13.00      Buy Thonburi Bus Ticket to the airport (150 Bath/ppl)

14.30      Go to the Airport (bye-bye Khao San Road)

15.30      Left bagage counter

16.00      Check in,, (airport tax 700 Bath)

18.35      Get inside the plane..

18.50      Take off from Suvarnabhumi airport, Thailand, to Benazir Bhutto Airport, Pakistan

22.25      Arrived @Benazir Bhutto Airport, Pakistan

22.35      Bagage claim and everything…

23.15      Met the IYCF organizers and people from Indonesian embassy..

24.00      Go to Crown Plaza Hotel, Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan.


4 December 2010

09.15      Having a breakfast with Ambreen

10.30      Go to Kohsar Market, having coffee, meet uzair, and buy a few things..

12.00      Back to crown Plaza Hotel

13.00      Having Lunch

16.00      Meet Faisal Hassan and Khurram Hanif (as our guide), and having a very nice afternoon,,

19.00      Go to Jinnah Market, buy a lot of things..

21.00      Back to Crown Plaza Hotel


5 December 2010

09.00      Having breakfast..

12.00      Having a brief explanation from Ambreen about IYCF 2010-12-15

Get to know some delegates from Srilanka, Nigeria, and Mauritius

13.15      Go to Jinnah Market again with Faisal, Deshola, and Rajen

15.45      Back to Crown Plaza Hotel

16.30      Gather in the loby, be ready for the registration

19.00      Go to Arena for registration and welcoming dinner

22.00      Back to Crown Plaza Hotel


6 December 2010

06.30      Having breakfast

07.30      go to PNCA for the conference

08.00      Welcoming speech and everything

10.30      Conference, session 1 “Pakistan Past, Future, and Present”

11.30      Break

12.00      Session 2 “Living Between Borders”

13.00      Keynote Speech by Susan Gordon (Facebook Causes Inventor) “How facebook Change the World”

13.45      Lunch

15.00      Workshop (Music, Art, Drama, Photography)

17.45      Gather, to go to the dinning place

18.30      having Dinner @Arena

22.00      Back to Crown Plaza Hotel

7 December 2010

06.30      Having breakfast

07.30      go to PNCA for the conference

09.00      Session 1 “Saving Lives Through Innovation” by Marc Koska

10.30     Session 2 “Democracy Building Through Social Movements”

12.30     Lunch

13.30     Session 3”Social Invesments in Harnessing Youth Potential” by UNFPA

14.30     Session 4 “Role of Volunteers in Literacy Promotion” by NCHD

15.30     Keynote Speech by Joe Machese “Reinventing Philanthropy”

18.00     Go to Arena for dinner

19.00     Folk and Cultural Show

21.00     Dinner

22.30     Back to Crown Plaza Hotel


8 December 2010

06.30      Having breakfast

07.30      go to PNCA for the conference

09.00      Session 1 “The Magic of New Media” by Youtube and friends

10.00      Keynote Speech by Scott Gould (UK) “Engagement into Action”

11.00      Break

11.30      Session 2 “Tools for Social Activism” by Stephanie Rudat

12.15      Keynote Speech by Dr. Zeeshan Usmani “Countering Terror with Technology”

13.00      Lunch

14.00      Keynote Speech by Daniel Teweles “Shifting Power Paradigms”

15.30     Session 3 “Disaster Management and Technology” by Google

18.00     Go to Des Pardes Restaurant, Saidpur Village

19.00     Farewell dinner with Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

22.00     Back to Crown Plaza Hotel

9 December 2010

06.30      Having breakfast

07.30      go to PNCA for the conference

09.00     Workshop with Dr. Zeeshan Usmani

10.30     Meet and Greet with Organizers

12.00     Farewel Lunch

15.30     Back to Crown Plaza Hotel


17.15     Go to Indonesian embassy Guest House

18.30     Dinner with Indonesian embassy officer @KABUL Restaurant, Jinnah Market

20.00     Shopping @Jinnah Market and Super Market

22.00     Back to Embassy Guest House


10 December 2010

09.00     Breakfast

13.00     Meet the Indonesian Ambassador

16.00     Lunch

20.45     Go to  Benazir Bhutto Airport

21.30     Check in..

23.35     Bye-bye Pakistan, Heading home…

11 December 2010

06.20     (Local time) Arrived in Suvarnabhumi airport, Thailand

08.50     Connecting Flight to Ngurah Rai Airport, Denpasar, Bali.

14.15     (Local time) Arrived in Ngurah Rai Airport

13.00     Go to Sanglah..

17.00     Heading to Kuta Beach..

21.30     Back to Sanglah


12 December 2010

09.00      Go to Joger

09.30      Shopping @Joger Jelek

12.00      Start the trip

– Tanjung Benoa Water Sport

– Nusa Dua Beach

15.00      Karaoke @Inul Vista, Kuta.

16.30      Go to Ulu Watu, Enjoying Kecak Dance

19.00      Dinner @Jimbaran Beach

21.00      Heading Back home to Sanglah


13 December 2010

09.30      Go to Erlangga Shopping center

11.30      Heading to Airport

12.00      Having Lunch

13.00      Check in

15.00      From Ngurah Rai Airport to Soekarno Hatta Airport

15.45      (Local time) Arrived @Soekarno Hatta Airport, Jakarta

16.45      Go back to Bandung by Prima Jasa Bus

20.00      Arrived @BSM, Bandung

21.00      Arrived @Jatinangor..


Memorable, chalanging trip ever,,,

Jatinangor, 151210, 13.25

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