As my blog tagline,,

capture endlessly!!



n *sigh*.. as always,,, tearing at the end,,,

Altough, i’ve been through this several time but i never ever be an expert… I always know that what have started will come to an end n will cover with tears,, Tears that shows my deeply  feel of happiness about what happen in life n what life have made me felt n remembered….

Above all the huge (impossible) thing that i’ve never imagine im doing, everything is really worth,, Every effort has been paid highly…

Even if I will be bussy with my memory of what I’ve made.. I always know that I will have a really big smile, really soon,,, n I know,, everything just a PRECIOUS GIFT from Allah that i deserve to have..

Thanks Allah…

And thanks to you all… I’ll really missing all of you buddy…

As one of my best of life history….

Dont ever say “bye”,,

But say “See you again,,, “


Islamabad, 101210, 16.51

Soon : IYCF journal..

2 thoughts on “Captured!!

  1. not goodbye.. but see you again.. 🙂
    I always love this phrase… 🙂 whenever I leave… :). Gimana cerita di sana Histor? Kutunggu notes mu.. 🙂

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