To be a better person

be better

Ah,,, where am I lately??!!! Became the unproductive one,,, huffttt…
Ok,, now Im back and trying to write anything that pops out from my head…
Let’s get started…

Wait,, actually this time im gonna try to write it in English,,, lets have a chance to make it readable,, hahahaa…


“If you are angry then release your emotion step by step until all the uncomfortable feeling clearly gone from your heart. If you are sad than dont push too hard to be OK like what just happened wont ever bother you, give it a chance to cry. If you are happy then celebrate it wisely, you may have some laugh but you should have some control too.”

That short of things actually comes out because of some cases has been told by a friend of mine. Well, we are discussing about how some people that used to look controlable, used to be “the wiseman”, used to be the perfect one, and also used to look too good to be true, have some changing life issues that fastly made all of their goodness gone with the wind. It’s about something that hiding behind, the main reason why all that problem occured.

It’s about someone changing from the angel to the devil. Yeah, can you imagine it??? He knew that what he’s doing is not right but he can’t refuse himself not to do it. It looks like the angel is tired of his kindness and perfection things while refuse all the teasing around on and on and on… Suddenly, he decided to break the rules and get involved inside those lil’ sin deeply. He finally risk himself to get to know that taking a bath with a hot water will make him warm altough he knew that after that he will feel colder than before. He just remember the ‘temporary’ warm and slowly forgetting the ‘permanent’ cold.

Well, what im trying to figure out is the ‘balance’ things. We are not angel that can finish all the assignment perfectly correct. But we also not the devil that refuse to do our maksimum effort to be better from time to time. We all just human being, that have all the things in limitation. Of course we have to try hard every single time to be a better person but we’ll ended it up imperfect. We all just human being that also have a need in fun things, need in having a great time with friends and relatives, we need a space to get some rest, and we need enough air to make this head think clearly about our plan to be a better person.

We all just human being that have a limitation on handling all the needs. We cant ever forget our mission to be a better one, to be the one that God willing us to be… But you cant be too tight to yourself cause it will exactly ended up like the angel (that suddenly turn to a devil). Protecting ourself to pray doesnt mean that we cant even have a time to the playground. Covering yourself from the chance that you’ll gone too far in relation with you GF/BF doesnt mean that you have to take yourself out of your social life. Become a succesful person doesnt mean that you cant have a miserable friend. No,,, to be better doesnt mean that you cant even have a life with a bad things under the same roof, cause it will only make you stressful and too much under pressure. And finally you’ll be a rebelion that get suck up with all the things you’ve tried to keep in line and became the worst of all.

Everything should be in balance. Every opposite always side by side. You cant run from it, get to know without trying it. We just have to learn, sometime by getting in touch with the environment and sometime only to learn from what you’ve heard and seen. That way can help you not to left yourself in curiosity that will turn you out into the bad guy. You’ll learn the best way to take by knowing the worst way have shown. And if by mistake you suddenly become the bad guy, you will as soon as possible find your way out from the blackhole if you’re not too hard pushing yourself to get out of the every lil bad things that occured in your environment back then. Let it be just a mistake that you’ll learn from. It will mark a lifetime experience and the best one you can learn about. If you are imperfect than act like one, be youself, thats the way that will lead you to be perfect…

Let it flow, but as quick as possible control the flow, that’s one of the definition to be “A BETTER PERSON”. And to be a better one we cant be an angel, a flawless one, we’ll never ever be better then.

Jatinangor, 261010, 21.36


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