His way to teach

One day

I bring my brightest smile..

With the hope of your proud worth tobe an exchange


As most of the time…

You show your flat expression

Facing me with all my achievement

Seems there is no proud of what i’ve been reaching effortfully

Another day…

When I still bussy with my new uniform,,

Go to the place that I’ll have my authority to like n be liked by a boy


Out of nowhere you start the serious talking,,

About how hard the life is,,

When I just about entering the real life..

Loud voice made me uncomfortably forced to listen,,

Nothing i’ve remembered except your loud voice and you wrinkl forehead..

Last time

You taught me a matter of choice,,

A matter of risk and conscequent,,

A matter of percistancy,,

When I even not yet decide anything in life

For me,,,

It used to be harsh

It felt a bit rude,,

Until i heard..

Mom said how grateful you told your friend about me


I found your worriest eyes when bad things happened to me

Until I realize,,

You’ve taught me about maturity and be responsible of what I’ve choosed

I’ve learned not only how to do my best but to be the best

I’ve learned not only how to face the life but to be strong when the life became hard

Eventually, I understand,,

That’s your way to show me your love..

Thank’s a lot dad…

Jatinangor, 270910,14.09


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