Memory, Can I be with you more??

miss you

Walking with you
Side by side..
Talking with you
Unspoken word,,
Hanging around with you
With no place to go for sure..
Smiling on you,,
Deeply last forever,,,

But it was in the past,,,

Now we get apart
And part of my heart get away by that,,
And all left are memories as the best part..

I miss you,,,

Continuesly questioning,,
Why am I still alive
Why my breath didn’t came to an end
Why is life still worth to live??

And eventually find the answer
I can live without you these long time
Because of all the memory you’ve left,,
Giving me the strength to wake up and survive after all,,

If i still have a chance to wish,,
I wanna be with you more,,
And make another memory
So I can live longer….

Jatinangor, 250910, 21.08


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