I Mean It

I mean it

When I say I miss you,, then its true…
When I say Im dying without you, it’s come from my deepest heart..
When I say I cant live without you, im truely have my last horrible breath..
When I say I need you, Im in the time can do nothing except you come n sit beside me…
When I say my heart just about stop tapping, it needs you to empowering…
When I say I cant stand anymore, Im start falling freely with none of your foot to stand for me…
When I say its just like the end of the world, seems like today is my last day living my life without your shadow…

And when I say I love you,,
It’s because i have nothing else to say rather than that…

I mean it..

Jatinangor, 130110, 20.54


One thought on “I Mean It

  1. aslmkm. aduh maap komen nya di sini, g ada lahannya soalnya hehe. widget email itu ada di sononya, namanya subscribe. tinggal ganti aja kata2nya. kalau widget blog g ngerti, hehe maxdnya opo ya his? 🙂

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