The One Coloured


On the green grass field,,
My eyes digging around
Finding the colour that hurt me lately

On the crowd people gathered
Among all the colour..
I found you,,
With your pink blossom..
With your peace in green..
With your brave tough red…
Your pure white angle,,
Your black magic witchcraft..
Your smooth blue touch..
Every colour over you..
I just cant define yours..
You just different

No matter how hard it hurts me to take this heart without you
No matter how often this head turning to avoid you
No matter how sticky this eyes glued to ignore you
The hardest way i’ve tried to let you out of my life..
The closest you get inside me,,

You just everywhere
Your colour just different in my sight
No one can compare you…

Jatinangor, 110110, 08.58


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