Will you marry me??

That night

While u drag me out of my house

And you suddenly make a new rules to be quite

And you drop me anywhere

And you stop me whatever i’m asking for

That night..

When all the visitors take their eyes to us

When all the waiter give their envy looking

When the rest just about stop commenting everything around

And paying attention to our motion..

To your next action after you take your knee down…

That night..

When i got a feeling of pink

When all the stars start wink

And the universe gave their sweetest song to sing

For you to make me shrinking hiding my blushing face ink

That night..

When everything become nothing

beside your wanting to hear my answer of loving

Loving in the right way colouring

That night…

When i have no answer beside “YES”

and “TAKE ME AS YOUR BRIDE” sentence make all the people gave unstopable standing applause…

“Yes, It’s my wishing to marry you”

“To spend the rest of my life with you”

Jatinangor, 101209, 23.01


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